Getting better sexual life in New Year

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I think it is needless to say that it is time to forget about what has happened in previous year and focus more on to make things better in New Year. Things to get better include financial situation, education and work harder. Each and every one must have made New Year Resolution in this time of year for sure.

Like those Resolution based on our life, we should also make a resolution for pleasant sexual life which is also important in our life. Hence, Thiloyarmay like to share 4 practical ways for better sexual life to save Thiloyarmay readers from having to face awkward situations they had in previous year.

Those 4 methods are-

  1. Don’t forget to try out new things.

When it comes to making love, are you two still making your mundane things step by step? Those ordinary positions are boring. If you want to have better sexual relationship in New Year, do try new positions for intimacy.

Find out new positions at following link- https://bit.ly/34Nq473

  1. Lubricant plays an important role.

Let’s say you think of trying out new positions. But if it doesn’t turn out smooth, it will be a waste. Hence, to have a perfect relationship in this year, you need to use lubricant more or less. In choosing lubricant, you should choose water-based lubricant rather than oil-based lubricant.

  1. Exchange the preference of you two

While everyone is crying out “New Year, New Me”, are you two still making love without knowing each other well? If you two are expecting a better sexual relationship in this kind of style, it will be out of your reach. As every problem has a solution, you can have better sexual relationship by telling each other openly about your like and preference.

  1. Don’t forget to do kegel exercise

To have a pleasant sexual life both partners need to pay attention on health and also they need to do kegel exercise which is good for reproductive organs. By doing kegel exercise regularly, pelvic floor muscles of women will be strengthened. For men, the fast ejaculation problem will be reduced. When both partners are physically fit, they will be able to make love just the way they like and as much as they want.

Ways to do kegel exercise can be watched in following video- https://www.facebook.com/Thiloyarmay/videos/880049875704075/

May all our guys have a better sexual relationship in New Year by following above mentioned 4 methods!

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