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Question- What is foreskin cutting?
Answer: During circumcision, the foreskin is cut from the head of the penis. You can get it cut but you cannot get it back. The procedure is performed on children for religious reason and it is also contraindicated in cases of poor general health in old age. The procedure does not take long for young people but it will take more time with old people. It will take about 7 days to heal and during that period, masturbation and sexually intercourse should be avoided. Try to avoid inhaling pungent cooking smells (as burning oils or leaves) as much as possible and try not to touch the wound during bath or while wearing underwear.

Question- Does circumcision make penis bigger?
The head of penis becomes obvious because of the removal of foreskin but it is still the same size. The size of penis has nothing to do with foreskin cutting and it has to do with blood circulation, gene and the consuming food.

Question- Does it effect on sexual relationship?
As foreskin has covered the head of penis, it makes penis gentler and increases sexual drive. However, as the foreskin has more friction during sex, it increases more chances for penis torn. After foreskin removal, head of penis loses its sensation and it will take more time to reach orgasm. When comparing these two facts, you will see the length of reaching orgasm (fast or slow) has to do with your feeling only. The circumcision is not the sole reason.

Question: Is natural lubricant going to be different after foreskin removal?
Yes, it is. Having foreskin can produce more natural lubricants than circumcised one. It will be hard to have anal sex after circumcision as there will be less natural lubricant. As this problem can be solved by using other lubricants, it will not be affected on sexual relationship.

Question: Does circumcision increase fertility?
Circumcision doesn’t affect fertility while eating healthy food can support fertility. After foreskin removal, there will be inflammation on the head of penis and there is the danger hurting the penis while zipping your pants. For uncircumcised penis, they should be careful about penis hygiene and beware of bacterial infection.

Question: Does circumcision prevent cancer?
Foreskin removal makes easier for penis cleaning and as there isn’t much space for bacteria hiding, there will be less chance for urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted infections and penis cancer. In the meantime, having foreskin increases the chances of above mention infection, so you need to take care of penis hygiene for the sake of you and your partner’s health.

Circumcision does not have obvious good or bad effect on sexual relationship. Getting foreskin for religion purpose or personal hygiene is up to you. The only important thing is to use condom at all times whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised. Only then, it will be safe sex and you will be prevented from sexually transmitted diseases.

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