Five Things you didn’t know about condoms

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However, this time Thiloyarmay will talk about 5 things you didn’t know about condoms.

  • The origin of condom

The appearance of the condom was found at the painting in 11, 000 BC in France and in that painting, a men penis was sheathed during intimacy. So it can be a proof that condom has such a long history. For the manufacturing record, rubber condoms were produced in 1860 in The United States of America and Latex condoms were produced in 1920.

  • You cannot keep condom at anywhere you want

Guys, you shouldn’t keep condom in leather wallet or in the pockets of your tight jeans. When you keep the condom in a cramped space, damage or tearing can occur before expire date due to the heat and stretching and shrinking abilities of condom. So keep condom at dry and cool place as much as possible.

  • Oil based lubricant can damage condom

Guys who use lubricant for smoother intimacy should pay attention to choosing lubricants. Lubricants which are based on Vaseline and Baby oil and oil based lubricants can damage condom. Hence, you guys should choose water based lubricant like Kiss Water Gel rather than oil based lubricant.

  • Condom also have expire date

Condom also is a type of commodity product so it has expire date. When our bros use expired condom, it might not able to protect you from sexually transmitted infections completely and there might be allergic at the penis. So it is best to check expire date on the package of condom before buying.

  • Condoms that glow in the dark

Would you be surprise that it is possible to have intimacy with your loved one with glowing trouser snake? Yes, you can. It is because there is non-toxic phosphorous pigment between the layers of Latex. In common language, it is known as luminous condom. In English, it is known as Glow in the Dark condom. So far, it is not officially imported into Myanmar yet but one day they will be available in Myanmar.

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