Ever Feel like putting condom on can ruin your mood?

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Both of us are running our own business. We found each other and then fell in love. It can be said that we are taking our relationship to next level. As it is 21st century, isn’t it the time for “My Body My Choice”. I have had sexual experience before but now we are in living together Relationship and this one is intended for long term.

Now we are living in the same house, we eat, live, go out together and sleep together. In a way, we are not much different from married couple. As we have regular intimacy like other couples, we also discuss about preventing pregnancy from the start. One thing is that she doesn’t get on well with hormone and cannot use contraceptive methods that most ladies use. But that isn’t a problem. I told her that I will use condom for each intimacy during the first 6 months. She can use non-hormonal contraceptive method later.

The problem starts now. Recently I am reluctant to use condom for intimacy. It is because when I use condom, I feel like something stands between us. I also feel hot when I have worn it for long and when it goes on like that for long, I even lost sexual drive. Hence, I asked my friend who is married about that. He said he too used condom during the early days of his marriage and he also had experienced that sometimes.

He told me that instead of using the same brand all the time, I should also use other brands for a change. I think what he said is possible as I have been using the same type of condom for long. Moreover, he also suggests me to use MOJO Air Condom. As today is Friday, I decided to have TGIF with MOJO Air Condom.

The MOJO Air he suggested is quite cool. When I use it, MOJO Air is lighter and softer than normal standard condoms as the name goes. There is no feeling of hotness even after putting it on for long. Moreover, as it is 20% thinner than other type of condoms, there is no feeling of separation (barrier) with it. That will be the most significant advantage of MOJO Air condom. I feel closer to my loved with it and it also maximizes my feeling and sensation.

Hence, if there is anyone who has the same problem with condom, I suggest you to give MOJO Air a try. For me, now I feel comfortable using MOJO Air condom.

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