Don’t do strange things to your genital

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When you divide into different gender, you will see there will be more differences. Likewise, genital of males are different from one to another.

Most of the males think their genitals are small from reading porn movies and unrealistic porn books. According to the research carried out in Italy for 2 years, 67 men came to hospital and enquired if they could have operation to enlarge their genital as they thought it was small. After having discussion with doctors, they realized and accepted the fact that the sizes of their genitals are normal. Short people want to grow taller and thin people want to gain weight likewise it is normal for people with small genital wish to have bigger one. But they also need to know that it is not small in reality. It is because it is inappropriate to do strange things to penis.

Among strange things males do to their genitals, getting injected silicon and balls are inappropriate things. In this internet age, there are so many advertisements from everywhere and some of them are illegal one. Men who believe in those fake ads try to enlarge their genitals by injecting silicon and implanting balls. First they need to understand they shouldn’t be against what life has given them. If they do want to make a change, they should do it properly and systematically. Big genitals and implanted balls existed only in porn movies. In real life, genitals which are extraordinarily large hurt its sexual partner and genital implanted with ball could torn the inner side of vagina. If you believe in the false guidance, porn movies, and books and do strange things to genitals, you will see that it will be you and your partner who will be in trouble. Moreover, people who provide service for genital enlargement are not professionals and illegal. When something went wrong, you have to face that problem alone. If you don’t feel like implanting balls into genitals and want to know the feeling of it, let me tell you something. Use Ultra Dotted condom from Mojo and you will feel the closest feeling of implanted ball. Mojo Ultra Dotted condoms are designed with double large dots. As it is an official product, you can trust it completely. So let Thiloyarmay tell you that , moving rhythmically and systematically could enhance sexual pleasure of both you and your partner than doing strange things to genital.

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