Contraception during Quarantine

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Health Care Center has made announcements to pubic to take care of personal hygiene and to stay at home. It might be lonely period for those who stay alone but on the other hand it is a good chance for people who are living with families and married couples to spend time together.

Since it is stay at home period, it is essential for people with active sexual life like married and love birds in living together relationship to use suitable contraceptive method which is in accordance with the situation. Even though there are many types of contraceptive methods, following 2 contraceptive methods meet with three essential factors; convenient to use, not fussy and can prevent pregnancy effectively.

They are-

  1. Condom

Yes. Condoms like Kiss and Mojo are easy to use and can use it anytime anywhere. Hence, male with active sexual life would be fine by using condom for intimacy. Moreover, if you guys want to enhance sexual pleasure with your loved one, you can choose your favorite type among the options of Kiss condom’s colors and flavors. When you aren’t able to go out, make an online order and there will be home delivery. Following are two links that you can make online order for Kiss Condom.

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  1. Daily oral pills

In this stay at home period while men use condom for intimacy, women can use daily oral pills like Lydia’s Rosa, Clair and Fine to prevent pregnancy. For breastfeeding mothers who are afraid of not getting on well with daily oral pills with 2 hormones, there is Lydia’ Lacta for them. For daily oral pills users there is one more thing to keep on mind. If ladies start taking daily oral pills on the first day of your period, you can have intimacy right away. But if ladies start taking it any day during menstrual cycle, your partner need to use condom for the first week and only then it can prevent pregnancy effectively.

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