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However, once you are sure about your sexual orientation as ️LGBT️, it is best to let your family and friends know about it. will tell you what to prepare for the situations after coming out.

There will be good and bad reactions from the society you belong to for everything. When it comes to ️LGBT️, there might be more criticisms than encouragement. So, you need to be well prepared to face those situations. ️LGBT️ people need to be stronger than others and able to ignore negativity. Having someone to have a ❤️heart to heart❤️ talk will be the best. It is because you will feel lonely when you have to swallow up your feelings all by yourself. There are so many who come-out who have given up their lives because of this feeling of being alone and not having anybody to talk to. After coming out, you need to stay strong no matter what.

After coming out, no matter how much people criticize you, your self-disclosure will relax you and whether people accept your identity or not, you will feel free to act as yourself. You can ️dress up just the way you want it.

Now that people know your identity, try to understand that there are places that might not be accepting of ️LGBT️ people so try to not look out of place in these locations. Especially at places where ️LGBT️ are oppressed, even a small mistake could cause big trouble for you and its best to protect yourself. It is best to be on your guard and to understand that there are places where ️LGBT️ might still be discriminated on because of physical appearances.

It is best to have an organization which would stand up for you. These days, it is not difficult to find LGBT organizations and organization like Colors Rainbow http://www.colorsrainbow.com/ can support you a lot.

When you have followed the above-mentioned factors, it will be easy to find someone you ❤️love❤️. There might be someone waiting for you before your come out as ️LGBT️ and you can find someone in the organization too. Among them, you can find the one suitable for you and have a happy relationship.

After learning those factors, we hope it would be a lot easier for ️LGBT️ to come out. Also, for their friends, Thiloyarmay suggests you to try to understand the hardships that ️LGBT people️ are facing and carry on being good friends to them.

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