Can you be pregnant after stop using birth control?

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. Partnered woman and married women use different contraceptive like oral pill, injection so as to prevent unwanted pregnancy. They use certain type of contraceptive methods for a certain period and then stop using it to have a child. Hence, getting pregnant instantly or not after stopping birth control depends on the type of contraceptive method the person use.

Short-term contraceptive methods

Daily oral pills

Mostly daily oral pills available in the market are- one hormonal daily oral pills like Lydia’s Fine and two hormones (combination) pills like Lydia’ Lacta. For a lady who use daily oral pills as main contraceptive method whether it is one hormone or two hormone pill, there will be ovulation (from 2 weeks to 1 month) after stopping it. Ovulation time will be different from one woman to another but ovulation means the body is ready for pregnancy.

Hence, generally it would take 1 month to 3 months to get pregnant for ladies who use daily oral pills as contraceptive method.


Lydia’s 3moAndalan injection includes progestin hormone only and it is called Depo Provera Shot and widely known as 3 months injection. Ladies who use this type of contraceptive method need to get new injection in every 13 weeks. The significant of this injection is that ladies who use this contraceptive will stop having period.

One thing to keep on mind is that ladies who get injection won’t be able to get pregnant as fast as ladies who take daily oral pills. It is because with this method, hormone is directly is injected into the flesh and hormones will be still inside the muscle for some time.

Hence, the chance of getting pregnant after stopping injection depends on the length of duration she has used. For instance, a woman who has got 3 months injection only one time and doesn’t get new shot has to wait at least 3 months to 6 months only to get pregnant. However, if a lady has used this method for years, hormone levels in her muscles are likely to be high as she might have got injections many times. Hence, a woman who has used injection method for long has to wait over 1 year to get pregnant.

Long term contraceptive methods

Lydia’s Implanex (implant in the arm) is a hormonal contraceptive method. Hormone in it prevents pregnancy up to 3 years.

Women who use implant will have ovulation soon after Implanex is taken out. Hence, she will have to wait about 1 month only to get pregnant.

Intrauterine devices

IUD like Lydia’s Copper and Copper T, Sleek are non-hormonal contraceptive methods. Depending on the type of contraceptive method they use, it prevents pregnancy from 5 to 10 years.

Women who use this method can get pregnant a few weeks after the device is taken out. As IUD is non-hormonal contraceptive method, she will have ovulation soon after it is taken out. Hence, she will have to wait about 1 month to get pregnant.

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