Can pelvis muscles make things better?

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I think it means the strength of women’s pelvic floor muscles. To be specific, a man has better sex with a woman with strong pelvic floor muscles as he feels squeezed by her pelvic muscles during sex. That enhance his sexual satisfaction and hence, they believe having sex with women who have leeches (stretching rubber) is better than ordinary women.

In that case, was the woman with leech (stretching ring) born with it? Or is she the one who has special ability which only one woman out of 100 possess? The answer is No. No woman is born with that ability which men are crazy about. Hence, women can work on having one so as to make your men crazy about you.

Hence, what would you do to have strong pelvic floor muscle? It is easy. You just have to do exercise which strengthen pelvic floor muscles. It is called Kegel exercise. In this case, both men and women have pelvic floor muscles and exercise we are about to mention can do by both genders. There are many types of kegel exercise but Thiloyarmay will tell you two easiest exercises for our readers.

The first exercise is holing pelvic muscle floor only. This exercise is similar to stop urine mid-flow for 3 to 5 second and then releasing it. You have to clench pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds and then release it. One thing to keep on mind is not to hold your breath while clenching pelvic muscle but to continue breathing in normal. One can do this exercise while sleeping, sitting or working.

Second exercise is pelvic muscle floor lifting exercise. First lie down on the comfortable place and lift knees off at 90 degree. Then inhale slowly and lift off waist, thigh and hips off floor. Clench pelvic muscle floor while doing so. Return hip to floor, inhale and relax. That can be counted as one time. When you first start doing this exercise, you should do it at least 3 times a day and do it more gradually.

Above mentioned two exercises will be the easiest and effective exercises and both genders can do these kegel exercises. Women with loose vagina after giving birth, women who want to reach orgasm, women who have had uterine prolapse can strengthen their pelvic floor by doing kegel exercises and there are many other benefits too. Men also can enjoy benefits like being able to hold their ejaculation and reach orgasm by doing kegel exercises.

Now we guess men have better understanding about women with leech (stretching rubber) and women have an idea about health benefits of kegel exercises apart from strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

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