BL will be no longer dating in the closet!

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Previously, only marriage to opposite sex are publicly accepted and homosexual cases are mostly kept as secret. In these days, men falling for people of same sex instead of falling for the ladies are no more strange cases and no more secretive about their sexual involvement. Likewise, it is common for ladies to fall in love with people of same sex and be in the relationship. In these days, there is no more gender discrimination and you will see that BL (Boys Love) are openly stated in all sectors.

Speaking of art forms, you will see that BL related books are getting published hugely. Before BL related books are posted online only and recently they are published. There are potentials for more success in regards of BL related books. It is because some BL books have loyal customers and they have become best-selling. Moreover, they have audiences looking forward to upcoming books. They have transformed from online posts to published books and now there will be chances of seeing BL dramas on TV, video and cinemas.

As said earlier, BL culture will be more and more developed. Here we don’t mean that BL has just presented and developed out of blue, we mean BL culture is more and more presented to people in general. Recently we have seen dram series on TV which has made about BL love. People in next generation aren’t reluctant to show what they believe in and would create more and more about BL related culture. In the sophisticated community where there is no discrimination based on complexion, gender; intimate relationship between two men is well accepted and it isn’t even a case. Meanwhile “Safe sex” is the most important factor for both relationships of same sex and opposite sex. Beware that one can contract diseases from having intimacy with person of same sex and it is essential to use condom. For which one can use Kiss, Mojo and other condom brands. When you fully understand about sex related diseases, BL relationship would be no longer dating in the closet.

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