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While almost every man wishes to have a stout body, women prefer round breast and curvy body shape. These days everything is developing so fast and women who wish to have a full breast could have breast implants (silicone) and get instantly what they wish for. In Myanmar, previously only famous actresses, model girls have breast implantation, but lately well-off ladies are also having breast implantation. Avoiding interference with milk duct or mammary glands during breast surgery makes it more desirable for ladies to have breast enlargement.


There are 3 types of surgery for breast augmentation.

– Implanting silicone under the breast

– Implanting silicone under the armpit

–Implanting silicon through the nipple

Ladies could consult the matter with a surgical doctor and choose the method you prefer.

Ladies have breast augmentation to have more beautiful breasts than before. However, it will not stop at having a more beautiful breast only and keep in mind that there would be consequences for it.  As it is surgery, it will cost a lot and there would be other side effects. Hence, let Thiloyarmay share with you some exercises to enlarge your breast naturally.

(1)  Do exercises that target breast enlargement.

Some exercise can help you in enlarging your breasts.

-Wall Push-Ups

Stand in front of the wall and stretch out your hands and lean against it. Do it 10 seconds for each time and do this exercise 20 times a day.

-Arm swing

Stand and stretch your hand and swing your arms clockwise for 10 times. Do 15 minutes a day.


(2)  Eat estrogen rich foods

The sizes of breasts depend on the release of hormones in your body. If your low estrogen hormone, your breast enlargement will be low too. Eat estrogen rich foods like fruits, sesame seeds and chicken head soup. Eating dill seed could help in breast enlargement.

(3) Massage your breast

Massaging your breasts is the easiest way for breast enlargement. Massage your breasts 30 minutes a day and you will see the significant growth within a month. Massaging breasts would improve blood circulation and release hormones that are essential for breast growth.


Let Thiloyarmay tell you that above-mentioned factors would not enlarge breasts instantly but do it with patience and diligence and ladies will definitely have more rounder and fuller breasts than before.

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