Beauty is not a skin deep

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It is acnes on my face. They started coming out when I entered puberty at 13 years of age. At that time, they come out and then disappear themselves so I didn’t pay much attention to it. When I was at Tenth standard, I was under pressure from having to go to school and tuitions and studied late.

As I was having eating and sleeping disorder and having pressure, the acnes started coming out. They especially came out days before period. So I used acne removal cream suggested by other people and also took care of my eating habit. However, the acnes problem wasn’t solved and it went on like that for 6 months to 1 year. After a certain period, my friends make fun of my acnes. When I came cross with people I know, they said your face looked like a surface of moon. I was so angry and upset of their practical joke.

Hence, I realized I couldn’t solve my acnes problem with remedies and cosmetic so I discussed with my mother and we decided to go to specialist hospital. The doctor examined my face closely and she told me to take care of my eating habit, lifestyle and also prescribed Lydia’s Clair to me. She explained about Lydia’s Clair to me thoroughly but as I was a single, I was afraid to take contraceptive pill at that time.

Lady Doctor told me that even though Lydia’s Clair is a contraceptive method, it can also solve acnes problem due to hormone imbalance, irregular period and also relieve pain before period. It can also relive problems with hirsutism due to high level of male hormone (Androgen). Hence, it can be taken not only by married ladies with those problems but also suitable for single ladies like me.

As lady doctor herself thoroughly examined my face and prescribed it, I took it with complete trust. Now, I have been taking Lydia’s Clair for 1 and half month. As medicine alone would not solve acnes problem out of blue, I also avoid eating spicy foods and make sure to get enough sleep.

Hence, I would like to suggest ladies who are having acnes problem like me to practice healthy eating habit. Try to get enough sleep and reduce stress and be patience. In life, having a heart of gold and qualification is more important than good look.

Moreover, don’t rely on so called remedies like me. When your acnes problem get worse, go to hospital/clinic and consult with experienced doctor. I can say that your acnes problem will be solved gradually when you follow doctor’s instruction closely.

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