Are you thinking about doing Sex Chat?

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Speaking of using internet, they are doing different activities from texting messages at social network to doing video chat. However, one thing that is different from ordinary chat is Sex Chat. Sex Chat includes sending sexually explicit text messages or having Video Chat through online Chat room.

People in long distance relationship do Sex Chat to fill in the gap and there are people who do Sex Chat with strangers. No matter who you are having Sex Chat with, there always are benefits and side effects. Hence, there are advantages and disadvantages to know if you are thinking of having Sex Chat with your loved one or someone else.


  • Sex Chat is a virtual thing but it makes one feel good. The feeling is similar to doing masturbation after watching porn movies and porn books. It wouldn’t be surprising that feeling from virtual chat (having chat with living being) is much better than feeling from watching unreasonable and unpractical thing.
  • It is the only thing that can fulfill sexual desire of people in long distance relationship and couples who are away from each other. It is said that in America, LDRS and married couples who are away from each other have had Sex Chat at least two or three times via online. They have confessed that doing Sex Chat improve their existing sexual life.
  • The last thing is that as it is online Sex Chat there will not be any physical contact. Hence, there will be no danger of being infected with sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.


  • When couples have Sex Chat, there wouldn’t be any trouble while they are on good terms. But you might have heard about an ex spilling the beans on social media network when the relationship broken up. So if you are unfortunate, you might face with that kind of problem.
  • Another thing is that Sex Chat without Consent will be sexual harassment. Hence, if you are thinking of having Sex Chat with strangers, there need to be consents from both parties. If one has Sex Chat without consent from other party, one can be sued for that.
  • Another thing is that you know how much you can trust on the other person that you are going to have Sex Chat with. It is because your personal data can be misused on porn websites or spread on social media and lose your face.

Everything has good and bad points. Now Thiloyarmay has shared pros and cons of Sex Chat with our readers so our readers can foresee the danger and will be able to avoid it more or less.

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