Are you going to have Premarital Sex?

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It can also be called Living Together. In the old days, there are countries which take living together as a sinful act and forbid it from doing so.

However, starting from 1960, west countries widely accept the culture of living together but there are still many countries which don’t accept living together culture. Even in Myanmar, there are people who accept living together culture and who don’t accept it all.

Everything has a good side and a bad side. We have told our readers about the history and now Thiloyarmay wants to explain you more about advantages and disadvantages of Premarital sex.


  • Everyone knows marriages and sex are related. Therefore, one can say living together before marriage can give one a sexual experience. It is said that when people who have been in living together relationship for a certain period get married, they are psychologically and physically more comfortable in having intimacy than others.
  • According to the studies, couples who have intimacies during dating period are more attached to each other and have more faith in each other than other couples who don’t have intimacies before marriage.
  • As it isn’t necessary to get married to be sexually satisfied, one stress and pressure will be reduced by having living together relationship. Some people will also gain health benefits from doing so.


  • The main problem for living together relationship will be unwanted pregnancy and contracting sexually transmitted infections. Even when you barriers, there still are possibility to face with those situations.
  • This one is for the woman. When you have intimacy, it is true that both partners have pleasures but you decided to have intimacy with him with an intention to get married with him one day. However, faithful people are really rare these days. Hence, if you meet with irresponsible person, you will be mentally hurt.
  • As “Living together” culture is not widely accepted in Myanmar, you might get criticism from people.

Even though there are advantages and disadvantages concerning “Living together” concept, it is up to you as it is your life and your choice. If you feel like it is Right Time for you to do so then you needn’t pay attention to what other people say. Hence, living together or not, do as you like.

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