Abortion is not a bad word

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People who have habituated sex and who have active sexual life might be familiar with the subject like abortion but it is taken as a bad act or unacceptable act in overall.

The truth is that abortion isn’t a negative act or a bad word.

Why people think abortion as a bad act or bad word?

Some people assume that as women are born with uterus, they should accept motherhood happily and when a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy, people take her as a selfish woman. That’s why they take abortion as a bad act.

What is the truth behind abortion?

Abortion is an intentional termination of a pregnancy. Abortion is a medical act which is carried out by licensed medical professionals and they are 2 types of abortion.

They are surgical abortion and medical abortion.

A surgical abortion requires minor surgical procedure to end pregnancy and a medical abortion, an abortion with pills is a way to end pregnancy by using medication. Detail information about abortion can be found at following link-


What would happen if people take abortion as a bad act?

If we don’t accept about things related to abortion or too embarrassed to talk about then people who are in need to have abortion for medical reason including us wouldn’t have knowledge related to abortion or it would be too hard for us to acquire knowledge. Limiting and controlling abortion could lead to unsafe and harmful abortion. Moreover, women could die from unsafe abortion.

When it comes to global maternal mortality rate, 8% to 11% is due to unsafe abortion. Controlling abortion strictly would put the life of pregnancy women at villages and rural area at high risk as they couldn’t go to places where abortion is legally permitted.

Then what should we all do about abortion?

Despite 1 pregnant woman out of 4 decides to have abortion, it still is an unspoken issue. We need to change our way of thinking related to abortion and stop taking it as an unsolvable problem. We need to find out about information related to medical abortion and then share it with other people who don’t have any idea about it.

Abortion is just a normal act. Safe and secured abortion is an option to choose so as to save a life.

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