A Letter to Little Brother

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However, what you need to know is that 18 years of age is no longer a boy but not yet a full grown up. It is the in between period. Hence, as a big brother, I have many things to tell you which will come into handy on your life path.

The main thing is about education. Study hard to obtain a degree. However, as in 21st century which is the age of internet, focusing only on study is no longer enough. In this time of age, I want young men like you guys age between 18 to 28 years to spend more times on reading, study computer related subjects and languages to keep abreast with the times.

Another matter is about seeking pleasure. It is natural for young guys like you to seek pleasure with friends but you know it can ruin your life if you are not cautious. Bros it is normal to hang out with friends at bars when you are at between teenagers and before you are 30 years old. However, if you go extreme and get into trouble then it will become a big issue in your later life. It is true that nobody is perfect but I don’t wish my little brother to be the one with many mistakes. That is why I am passing on wisdom to you so that you wouldn’t make the same mistakes like us.

Another thing is about the unavoidable matter in life. As a person who has come of age, there will be pretty girls and girls with different attitudes around you. What I want to tell you is that don’t think as a man you’ve got nothing to lose and take advantage of girls.  When I say taking advantages it means using her love for wrong purposes or taking her to hotel and having intimacy just out of curiosity or intention to get new experience.  What you need to know is that love is precious. I want young guys like you to know that love and sex are two different matters and love is not life.

Now I guess my letter is quite long now. I want to end my letter with birthday wish for you. Many happy returns of the day, young brother! May you be the smart gentleman who can take care of the well-being of families and other people for many years to come!

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