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As sexual satisfaction plays an important role in pleasant marital life, we talk more openly about sex as we get to know each other better as the time goes on.

Sometimes, I ask about sex related issues to my friend, Myo Min who is quite knowledgeable in that specific area. He had worked as a nurse at Reproductive Health Department at the Hospital in Singapore. Now he has got married and settled down here. As usual, I have to call him to ask about sex related issues.

Me:    : Hello! How are you, mate!

Myo Min:    : Fine! I have to stay at home because of Covid-19 and quite bore now. What’s up? Are you having a fight with your wife and calling me to seek my advice? Ha Ha!

Me:    : You don’t change a bit. There isn’t any problem. Actually it couldn’t have been better. This time I am calling you just to find out about something I want to know as you are expert.

Myo Min: What is it, then?

Me:      : It is like this. Currently I am using condom for each intimacy with my friend so as to prevent pregnancy. But lately my wife has been telling me that she get the smell of rubber every time I wear condom to have intimacy. Hence, I am thinking of giving a try to flavored condom. I have never tried flavored condom. I know there are thin condoms and condom that can control ejaculation in the market. But what I want to know is what difference that flavored condom could make in intimacy.

Myo Min:  It is like this. Flavored condom has smells unlike normal condom. Moreover, flavored condom is designed mainly to support oral sex. It is designed for homosexual couples, married couples of opposite sex and couples in intimate relationship who are in the habit of having oral sex so as to protect them from sexually transmitted infection through oral sex and to make oral sex more enjoyable.  It is one’s choice to use condom or not during oral sex.

Me:   : Really! In that case, it means marriage couples also should try flavored condom for a change. I think its smell will enhance our pleasure in ordinary sex too. Hence, as you are expert in that area, do make Product Recommend to immature married person like me.

Myo Min:  : There are so many types of flavored condoms in the market. But if you want to use the brand recommended by expert like me, use Kiss Flavored condom. For me, I use Kiss Juicy Mango. It is made of thin latex and mango flavor can awake your passionate feeling during sexual intercourse.

Me:  : As an expert, you do know how to explain about the benefits. Thanks a lot for explaining it to me, mate. I will make online order of Kiss Juicy Mango right away!

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