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Some men tend to eject s_e_m_e_n to their partner’s face or to the mouth. S_e_m_e_n is a sticky liquid and it includes amino acids, protein, sugar, zinc, calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients. It includes 1% of sperm but s_e_m_e_n from men who have a vasectomy will not include sperm. When someone swallows s_e_m_e_n, as the mouth is not connected to the reproductive organ, s_e_m_e_n will flow through the intestines then be broken down by acids in the stomach. That is why you cannot get pregnant from swallowing s_e_m_e_n.

There will be risks of sexually transmitted infections from having any unsafe sexual intercourse. There is a risk of infection for the people with multiple sex partners. You cannot know if the person is infected or not until the symptoms are shown so it is best to use a condom, such as Kiss and Mojo, for every sexual intercourse.

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Myths say it is good but when looking from a medical point of view, proteins and calories in semen is less than 1 gram so it does not have much nutritional value that can be statistically beneficial to one’s health. Making a joke of s_e_m_e_n is “if you want to stay healthy, swallow frequently” is very common so it’s easy to be misguided by such myths and jokes.

Semen includes zinc so normally it will have a subtle metallic taste and some have would have a salty taste due to the dissolved salts in the s_e_m_e_n. The taste can also change depending on the food the man consumes like when he drinks alcohol, it will be bitter, when he smokes, it will taste sour and acrid. There are ways to make the taste better but men will not follow it as they are not the one going to swallow (or maybe some men would if they’re into swallowing…). Semen includes sugars and the semen of diabetic people is significantly sweeter than those without the condition.

That is why before you swallow s_e_m_e_n, you need to give some thought about sexually transmitted infections and the need to set your mind on doing it (put aside taste and the feeling of revulsion if you’re not into it). There is no need to worry about pregnancy but swallowing or not is up to you. To protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, read following link and use the one with the colour and taste you prefer!

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