I’m too shy to buy condom in public

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We haven’t been in sexually intimate relationship for long; it is just about 3 months. We date at hotel at about 4 or 5 times per month. I use condom for each intimacy.

The real problem starts now! The problem is that having a hard time in purchasing condom. The first problem is that I am embarrassed to buy condom at nearby stores and super markets. Think about it! When I buy condoms, sometimes cashier at store might smile at me and also there are times that they give me a look as if I am a pervert even though I have no idea what their problem is. There are more to come. Many times I find young girls at cashier desks and I have to turn back as I am ill at ease to buy from them.

So I have to come up with another way. I give pocket money to my little cousin brother ask him to buy it for me. The second problem is that as he is adolescence, he is busy playing games and not free most of the time. Moreover, it costs me a lot as I have to spend money on condom and also have to give pocket money to him as well. Hence, I decide to buy at faraway stores as I am afraid of being recognized if I do shopping at nearby stores.

Now it is the turn of third problem. As everyone knows, we are still in Covid-19 period but not as much limited as earlier. However, shops are faraway places are either out of stock or my usual condom brand and type not available at all. After a while, I feel really washed out after doing wild goose chase. One day I talked about my problem with my buddy, Kyaw Gyi. He asked me what era I am living in and curse me. He said now doing online shopping is so popular and why I am tire myself out. It does make sense.

Hence, I searched for my usual condom brand on internet and I found many places right away. It is so cool. I will share information I have acquired with those who are shy to buy it at store like me or who are disappointed because it is out of stock at store or who don’t wish to go out just to buy condom due to Covid-19 so they can buy condom in private online.

Those places are-         Shop.com.mm >>> http://bit.ly/2HgcOyL
Kyarlay.com >>>> https://bit.ly/2XGkQbg
Rgo47 >>> https://bit.ly/2UCBVBU
Spree.com.mm >> https://bit.ly/30DZS0j
Iloveshopping.com.mm >> https://bit.ly/2XNdKmK

By the way, let me tell you about condom types I use. Sometimes when I am not fully aroused, I used MOJO AIR condom which is famous as thinnest condom. Also when I would like to feel the change, I use flavored condom like KISS JUICY MANGO and KISS HOT COFFEE.

For me, I have bought types of condoms I like- KISS flavored condom and thinned condom-MOJO from above mentioned links. Guys hurry up and buy from those links in private!

shop.com.mm တွင်ဝယ်ရန်ပုံကိုနှိပ်ပါ

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