How to be a skillful man in the bed

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However, the scenes in porn movies are not real and they are made and edited again and again. Hence, if our bros envy them and try to be like them, sooner or later you will become depressed.

However, don’t worry about it! Even though you couldn’t be like the man in the porn movie with super power, you still can be pretty cool at bed with Thiloyarmay’s guidance.

So as to make love long in bed-

  • Masturbate before intimacy

Masturbating before intimacy could support your ability on bed. For men it could take a few minutes or hour to get erection back after masturbation. Hence, if you have time before intimacy, use your hands well first.

  • Foreplay is the must

The goal of making love might be reaching orgasm but if you are too focused on it, making love for long will be a dream for you. According to researches, spending time on foreplay could give both partners more satisfaction and it also helps our bros in making love for long. Hence, don’t forget show your stimulating skill before having intimacy.

Foreplay ideas can be found in following link.

(3) Stop and play method

Stop and play method means when you are close to ejection during sex, stop for a while and take a deep breath. While you are on pause, you can spend time well by kissing her deeply. This method works by distracting yourself from ejection so as to hold longer. Try out this method in every intimacy you have to become a skillful man on bad.

  • Do exercise

Stamina plays a role in delaying ejaculation. Among sports, you can do exercises like weight lifting, swimming, hanging and kegel exercise could strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your stamina.

Now Thiloyarmay have told our bros about how to last long in bed and become skillful bros in bed. We wish all our bros would could put it into practice well.

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