Let us all have a beautifully intimate night!!!

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Be in harmony

For this matter, you need to apply the proverb “slow and steady, win the race”. Don’t think highly of yourself. Being conceited isn’t useful in bed. Spend enough time with foreplay and move in harmony with your partner — this could enhance your pleasure more than you could ever imagine!!! If you “finish the race” too early, try Mojo Control with benzocaine as this would help your “pace”.

“Don’t ask for each and everything”

Each body part is sensual and you need to be more systematic than doing just penetration. Do it

slowly and find out how s/he likes it best.

Dirty talk can make your heart beat faster

There are plenty of dirty talks to share between you couples. Not all people will admit their feelings about

intimacy to a regular person such as a workmate but at least there should be frankness between people who are in a sexual relationship. Dirty talk not only allows you to verbalise your sexual fantasies/emotions but it also allows your partner to know what you want.

Is it over when you are over?

There is one thing our bros should keep in mind. When it comes to intimacy, some men rush to

make love and after ejaculation, they just fall asleep. They don’t consider about their partner’s feelings at all. In the long run, it won’t be good for both parties and their sexual relationship won’t be a happy one.

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