5 Signs that you might be a lesbian

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In our society, it is most common to see people who are attracted to opposite sex but there still are many people who are attracted to same sex.

These days people with an interest in same sex have difficulty in expressing their feelings and some adolescent even don’t know they have different sexual orientation from others. This time Thiloyarmay will talk about signs that are common in lesbians so women who are confused about their sexual orientation would have a clue.

Sign (1).They are more intimate with same sex

For instance-You are easy to get friendly with women than men whether it is at a familiar place or anyplace or even though there are men around you, you are just close to women or you keep thinking about women most of the times. In that case, it is time to have thinking about your sexual orientation.

Sign (2) Love reading about lesbian stories

Most of the people have read about lesbian stories and books but they don’t have a deep feeling about it. However, if you have a deep feeling about it anytime you read lesbian stories and books; feel for the character in the story, and then you are more likely to be lesbians.

Sign (3) More attracted to cool ladies than cool men

This sign is clear. You will only take notice of beautiful ladies and don’t take any notice of good looking macho men. Moreover, you wouldn’t have any desire from seeing nude men with Six Pack but sexually stimulated from seeing ladies with awesome bodies. Then, you are lesbian without knowing yourself.

Sign (4) Do you question yourself about your own sexual orientation

Ladies, you have any sign from above mentioned 3 signs and question about your own sexual orientation then you are most likely to be a lesbian. It is because people who are attracted to different sex (straight people), never question themselves about their sexual orientation.

In conclusion, if you have signs of lesbian, don’t feel down or depressed. People have sexual orientations since they were young and it is unlikely to change of the age. If they are born that way, it is impossible to change. Hence, you own your life so just value your very own choice.

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