5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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However, it doesn’t mean every relationship is composed of supporting partner.

As bad and good things are opposite side of the coin, it is possible for some relationship to be toxic. This time, we will let you know 5 signs of a toxic relationship depending on the factors we found around us.

  • Lack of faith

It is natural to have jealously, to be controlling and possessive among couples. However, it would become emotional abuse for both partners when it becomes too controlling or too resentful and losing trust to each other while using love as a cover.

  • Dishonesty among couples

You might have heard that for a relationship based on love and understanding, there wouldn’t be any lies except for surprise. It doesn’t mean a relationship should be exactly in this way but still you would gain more trust in relationship when there is less lies. Trust is like a paper or a glass. Hence, a relationship with dishonesty will like crumple paper or broken class. The more dishonesty in relationship, the more toxic it will be.

  • Relationship with no happiness

Whether a person is single or in relationship, the most important thing in him/her life is happiness. However, if your relationship is full of dishonesty, resentment and most of your times are spent solving problems and disagreements than it is time to reconsider.

  • Trying to maintain relationship one-sidedly

When one looks at long lasting relationships, you will see that there is not only love and understanding but both partners are putting in efforts to maintain relationship. On the other hand, in toxic relationship you will find that only one of them is putting in effort so as to maintain the relationship. If you are in relationship with a person, who don’t care about having to breaking up or who don’t try to maintain it, then that is likely to be a toxic relationship.

  • No sexual satisfaction

It is for the couples in living together relationship. For the couples with regular sexual activities, when there is disrespects and happiness, it can effect on sexual life in a way. The intimacy might still there but when there are less desire and less interest for long or being criticized in regard of sexually related issues than it is time to have a thought about your relationship.

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