5 Interesting sex facts you probably didn’t know

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It might look simple in general but there are some sex factors that you probably didn’t know. Among those factors, Thiloyarmay would like to point out 5 interesting sex factors.

  • The size of the bud (clitoris)

The outer appearance of woman’s bud (clitoris) might seem normal to other people but actually, it can be wider that its look. It might not look obvious at ordinary time but when a lady is sexually aroused, the wall of her vagina is filled with blood and it starting to look bigger. However, when she is sexually satisfied, it will go back to its original size.

  • Big penis and width of vagina

Another common myth related to genital is that when a woman has sexual intercourse with a large partner for a long time, her vagina will get loose or it does damage to the vagina. The truth is that woman’s vagina is composed with muscles which have contraction power and having sex with larger partner wouldn’t make vagina loose permanently.

(3)Sex and greater engagement at work

According to study done by Oregon State University, people who have pleasant and satisfied sexual life do better at work than partnered people without regular sex or people who don’t have partners (FA) and they have better engagement with their colleagues. Hence, have more intimacies so as to do better at work.

  • Sexual satisfaction

Another interesting sex fact people don’t know about is that according to research done globally, 1 in 6 women have never had an orgasm. Moreover, these women admitted that they couldn’t reach orgasm with normal sex and they need the help of sex toy and oral sex to reach orgasm.

  • Danger of STIs

We can say a person is under the weather when he/she has symptoms like sneeze, cough and high temperature but with Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs), it is impossible to tell just by looking. Even though all STIs have symptoms, there are many STI infected people who don’t have outward symptoms for years. Even you yourself can be infected with STIs without knowing so it is essential to use condom for each and every sexual intercourse.

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