Wives should be open in expressing how they feel about sexual intimacy

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When comparing women to men, you will find the former doesn’t talk much about sexual intimacy. It is typical for a woman to be shy about intimacy but when it comes to marriage, non-disclosure of important matters such as intimacy could cause troubles.

is taken as a vital factor in marriage and it is usually measured with sexual satisfaction and reaching orgasm. However, in a relationship, women aren’t as open about how they feel about intimacy as compared to men. One of the reasons for this is the fear of hurting the feelings of their husbands. Not only that, some women believe having sexual desire is not an act of a “good woman” according to traditional beliefs and cultural practices, hence they would tend to have a negative perspective on intimacy. That is why in Myanmar, women just fulfill their husbands’ desires as a duty and act along with it.

Actually, sexual satisfaction is important to a successful marriage. When there is a prolonged lack of sexual satisfaction, the sex drive will also decrease. This will further result to possible depression, physical weakness and unhappiness at work. First, the marriage will become unsettled, small problems would become big problems. Then, they will commit adultery as a way out of marriage or as a way to fulfill sexual satisfaction.

That is why and play important roles in a married relationship. To avoid trouble in marriage, we recommend women to be more open to their husbands. For the husbands, don’t just focus on your satisfaction as it is best to discuss with your wife about her feelings during sexual intimacy.

Also in relationships, encouraging each other in difficult situations, have meals together, have a balanced relationship, show affection, learning from the experience of other couples and travelling together are basic factors to carry out for a successful relationship. Find out more about women’s sexual satisfaction at following link.

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