4 Things to do after you’ve been sexually assaulted

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Being the victim of the crime is not a pleasant experience as there are pain, a sense being overwhemed and no one wishes to be sexually assaulted. However, it would be good to know things you could do if you have to face with the situation or to help if someone you know have been assaulted. Hence, you should read following factors for your knowledge.

(1). Ensure your own safety

There would be bad consequences to face after something bad has happened so ensure your own safety in the first place. Don’t take for granted that things like that could not happen to you. Even if you have experienced it, it is important to ensure that it won’t happen again. As you have been victim once, the predator would try to commit it again. So don’t forget to ensure your safety and don’t let it happen again.

(2) Reach out for support

Let’s say you have been assaulted but if you don’t know what to do, it would hurt you twice. Hence, make sure you have someone to connect and to ask for support before or after being assaulted or keep phone number of police station in your mobile phone.

(3) Consider your medical options

Again, never assume that “I wouldn’t be sexually assaulted”. Think beforehand what you would do and what would be necessary to do. In this case, health should be your first priority.  There also should be an answer for the possibility of pregnancy after sexually assaulted. It is not only about pregnancy.  In fact, it is also important to decide what to do in accordance with you physical, physchological and emotional needs.


(4) Consider your legal options

Even though you have been assaulted, the perpetrator could escape using money and man power for legal purposes. So you need to learn about it and well prepared for it in order to stop it happening. Also after filing a report, it is important to have proofs and to know how to present in court. Those things can easily be found on internet.

Thiloyarmay believe by now our ladies know what to do after been sexually assaulted.

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