4 signs you are bad in bed but don’t even know it

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The thing is that you guys don’t prepare well before having intimacy and as a result couldn’t do well in bed. Then, your partner (lady) won’t have any pleasure and would take you as a person bad in bed.

Now, let Thiloyarmay tell you guys how not to be a guy bad in bed. Read to the end….


  • Don’t skip the steps from the start to the end.

There is a saying that “Rome is not built in a day”. It is understandable that having intimacy is to penetrate sexual organ. However, before penetrating, you guys should caress your lady like kissing her cheek. Most ladies like to be romantic and they like to have excitements before having intimacy. Hence, make sure to have Foreplay (kissing and caressing) before having intimacy.

  • Don’t focus to reach your orgasm.

We understand that reaching orgasm is essential in having intimacy. However, you cannot have intimacy alone, you need partner. So if you only reach orgasm and the lady doesn’t reach orgasm then it will show that you still are a person bad in bed. You would only be closer to become a person good in bed when you try to satisfy sexual desire of both of you.

  • Make sure to ask your lady about her like and prederences.

There might be things our bros would like ladies to do for you during intimacy like touch and caressing. There wouldn’t be any guys who wouldn’t like that. In that case, ladies also have things that they would like you to do for her. Hence, ask her about her likes and preference and then make a pleasant intimacy for her. If you haven’t asked what she wants and just been asking for your preference then it is time for you to ask her what she wants and give her priority. Now you are closer to become a person good in bed. Now only one factor left. Keep on reading.

(4) Don’t just ignore after having intimacy

You might stop cuddling after having intimacy as you are tired from intimacy or having no more desire. But that is not good. Stop cuddling her right after having intimacy would make her think that you don’t value her. So you need to kiss her, touch her and caress her after having intimacy. In fact, this factor is very important in becoming a person good in bed. So don’t forget.

Follow above mentioned factors in your upcoming intimacies and we are sure they would help you guys not to be a person bad in bed.

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