4 mastubation mistakes that men make

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Hence, all of us have accepted that masturbation isn’t a bad or sinful thing. Speaking of masturbation, as it is your own property, you can do whatever you want with it. Still, let us tell you that masturbation in the right method only would be safe for you guys. In this post, we would like to tell our bros 4 masturbation mistakes that men make.

  • Don’t masturbate too many times in a day

Let me tell bros again. Masturbation isn’t a bad thing but still it is important not to overdo it. When you reach orgasm, you will ejaculate. That discharge includes water, protein, vitamin and minerals so you shouldn’t masturbate frequently in a day. Remember, there are many more days to do it as long as you are in good health.

  • Don’t be too hard

Most men masturbate by rubbing the shaft of their penis. Literally, it is rubbing foreskin of penis with skin of hand. One thing you should know is that the skin of the hand is much stronger than foreskin. Hence, if you rough it too hard, it might hurt your foreskin. So it is best to be in moderate speed bro.

  • Don’t rush

We understand masturbation ended with reaching orgasm. Still, it isn’t right to focus on it and trying too hard to reach. It is true that one need to rub genital with hands but emotion also plays a role in it. To speak of it, you will have pleasant masturbation when your emotion, your desire and the rubbing all play in harmony. The more you rush to reach orgasm, the less it will be pleasant.

  • Don’t put your penis into foreign objects

In the developed world, there might be people who disagree with this title. Using sex dolls and other sex supports material might give you guys new feelings but remember using hands will be the safest way in masturbation. Even then, it will be safe when your hands are clean. You will see that it is easy to clean your hands when they are unclean but when it comes to sexual objects, you cannot know if they are clean or if there are virus inside. If you put your penis into unclean objects, you might contract skin related virus, syphilis and other diseases. Hence, it would be safest way for our bros to use hands only in masturbation.

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