4 common mistakes that women make when they are alone

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Now people have to try to live with “New Normal”.  In “New Normal” life, people have to do everything at home no matter what and there would be some difficulties. Masturbation will be one of the problems.

Yes.  During Covid-19 New Normal period, it would be impossible for lovers to have intimacy for a certain period and hence, they would do more masturbation as they miss their pleasant intimate moments with loved one.  Earlier Thiloyarmay has talked about common mistakes that men make during masturbation and this time we would talk about 4 common mistakes that women make.

  • Obsessed with orgasm

It is understandable that one would like to reach orgasm during masturabtion. However, masturbation means fulfilling your sexual desire.  So by taking some time and focusing on what you are doing will make you feel better than just focusing on reaching orgasm.

  • Forget to use Gel

Ladies might already know that it isn’t work well when your gential is dry. During masturbation it would be great if your vagina isn’t dry. One should give Gel a try to know the difference even if one doesn’t intend for regular use.

  • Embarassed to look from Sites

When you masturbate who do you have in mind- your loved one, your angel or your crush? Just pick the one you like. If your mind goes astray, you could watch phonography sites. There is no need to be shy in your private world.

  • Always masturbating on bed

As bed is the most comfortable place, it is undeniable that it is most luxurious place to masturbate. However, people easily get bored from repetitive activity so think about other places like settee or on the floor at the corner of the room. No matter where you do it, it would be fine as long as you are alone.

Thiloyarmay would like to advice our ladies who couldn’t have intimacy with their loved one to follow above mentioned factors for the better experience in masturbation during Covid-19 period.

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