3 months injection that Wai Wai uses

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Wai Wai:    : What have you been up to? How are you? Long time no see!

Muyar:       : Where have you been all these time? You call me only now.

Wai Wai:     : Well! Now I am working from Home and I also have to do house chores. Moreover, I also have to take care of my son so I am super busy lately. Of course, I do miss you too. How is your work? Is everything fine?

Muyar:      :My work is fine. Like you, these days I am working from home. But as we have only 2 household members at home- my husband and me, we are not as busy as you. Ha ha!

Wai Wai:   : Um hum you will have new household member later! So don’t take it for granted!

Muyar:   : Speaking of new household member, I have something to ask you. As you got married earlier than me, you are more senior in this aspect and I want to ask you about contraception.

Wai Wai:    : OK, shoot!

Muyar:      : It is like this. As we have just got married, I have been taking daily oral pills for 2 months now. But the problem is that as a clumsy person, I forget to take pills frequently. As you know, daily oral pills need to be taken regularly at the same time for effectiveness and only then we can count on it completely. For the time being, I have set alarm and also asked my darling to remind me. However, I think this contraception method would not work with me in the long run. Right now, we are under stay at home order but I want to ask you about contraception method that I could use later during your call.

Wai Wai: If you are forgetful, it could cause a big problem. There is a risk of getting unwanted pregnancy in that way.  For me, during the early days of my marriage, I used Lydia Andalan (3 months injection). That method is suitable for busy and forgetful ladies. You just need to get injection in every 3 months. If you get injection while on your period, you can have intimacy with your husband right away. However, if you get injection any days in menstrual cycle, your husband needs to use barrier like condom for intimacy for the first week.

Muyar:    : In that case, that contraceptive method would suit me. Is there any side effect?

Wai Wai:      : There will be side effects like stop having period, lighter blood flow but for me, it is less fussy and I prefer that way. One thing is that as it is hormonal contraceptive method, you need to wait a few months to get pregnant after you stop getting a shot. Gaining weight or not depend on your lifestyle and it cannot be taken as side effects of the injection.

Muyar:    : Now you have explained in detail. I think this contraceptive method would suit me and I would get injection at the clinic when the situation is settled down. Oh, I almost forgot to ask you about the type of 3 months injection you use?

Wai Wai:    : It is Lydia Andalan injection. You just need to say that name to the doctor and he/she will give you injection.

Muyar:     : Thanks a lot, honey! Let’s have a double date when Covid-19 is over! Yay!

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